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Stylish kitchen accessories from Almedahls Sweden

Almedahls Haring green tea towel Scandinavian

Do you happen to have the new ones Almedahls seen collection? The new stock is now online. Has stacks of dishcloths Nordic Living purchased and beautiful placemats en tea towels from this cool Swedish brand.

The patterns that you see on the kitchen accessories have a slightly retro look. Not surprising, because the original designs are from the 50s!

Almedahls has revived the designs of the Swedish designers of the time with the Picknick and Persons Kryydskåp collection (freely translated: your spice rack).

De dishcloths are 'dry sponge' wipes. The dishcloth was invented in 1949 by Carl Lindqvist. Even Swedish .. You probably know the cloths of holidays in Scandinavia and in NL you see them now and then. These from Almedahls are 100% biodegradable. Did you know that they can absorb up to 15 times their own weight? Very practical and so €3,95 per Unit.

Also the new ones tea towels are very popular. The beautiful Scandinavian colors, fun prints and use of materials: 55% linen and 45% cotton.

What do you think of the Almedahls collection?



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