Scandinavian home accessories

Are you looking for beautiful Scandinavian home accessories? For your living room, bedroom or for the kitchen? Nordic Living has made a wonderful selection for you. From the most beautiful brands from Denmark, Sweden and Finland. From well-known, big brands like Zone Denmark en Ferm Living to lesser known brands such as Lapuan Kankurit. In our shop you will find exactly what you are looking for to make your living room a beautiful Scandinavian interior. From beautiful, elegant Danish design products to minimalist, simple and uncomplicated items.

In short, at Nordic Living you will find a wonderful selection!

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Scandinavian Interior

Scandinavian home accessoriesThe Scandinavian interior is characterized by minimalism, simplicity and functionality. Although Scandinavian design has been around since the XNUMXs, it is still a popular trend in interior design to this day.

Scandinavian design belongs to the school of modernism and is a design movement characterized by a focus on functionalism and simplicity. It also includes the use of natural materials, such as leather, wood and hemp. In addition, a Scandinavian interior design is often influenced by a connection with nature, which combines natural shapes, abstraction and the use of natural elements.

Danish Home Accessories

Nordic Living specializes in products from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland. For this we have made a selection of some beautiful brands with the most beautiful Danish home accessories. For example, we offer products from more well-known brands such as Zone Denmark en Ferm Living. But is Nordic Living also went looking for lesser known brands. In this way we can proudly say that we can offer a beautiful collection of Scandinavian home accessories.

Danish Design

If you want to go for a real Danish Design? Then make sure that your living room is an inviting space. This is best achieved by letting in plenty of light. In order not to block the light, window treatments in a Scandinavian design should be kept to a minimum. If you must use window coverings for your Scandinavian decor, opt for light fabrics such as sheer curtains. In addition, the reflection of the light from the sheer curtains at night can make your Scandinavian living room even more romantic.

Scandinavian Woonwinkel

Nordic Living is an Online Scandinavian Home Store. This way you no longer have to go to a real shop, but you can simply order online from the comfort of your home. Because you can easily shop with us and we deliver within 24 hours, you can shop with us with the greatest of ease for your favorite Scandinavian home accessories for your interior.

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What is Scandinavian Design?

Scandinavian design is a prominent design movement that has influenced everything from architecture and interior design to product design. The movement arose at the beginning of the 20th century in the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland. In the 1950s she became known worldwide. Combining minimalism and functionality, Scandinavian design offers a thoughtful solution for simple living

The most important elements of a Nordic Design

The main elements of Scandinavian design are functionality, simplicity and craftsmanship. Most Scandinavian-style designs also favor natural materials, especially pale woods such as ash and beech, wool and linen textiles, leather and glass. While some items have traditional patterns or bright pops of color, most Scandinavian style designs have an understated, minimalist feel.

Here are the features and key elements of Scandinavian design and architecture:

  • Minimalist aesthetic
  • Understated design that follows function
  • Light, neutral colors
  • Muted, dark tones reminiscent of Scandinavian landscapes
  • Airy spaces filled with light
  • Wooden furniture and wood accents
  • Decorative, eye-catching pendant lamps
  • Multifunctional and flexible designs
  • Plush sofas and tactile fabrics
  • Hanging plants and lush greenery
  • Natural textiles
  • Steel, copper or brass accents
  • Artworks as eye-catchers in a minimalist space
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Scandinavian home accessories

Scandinavian style kitchen

A Scandinavian kitchen is the epitome of simplicity and function. Like any Scandinavian design, kitchens completed in this style have light tones, wooden surfaces, clean lines and practical features. Sleek metal stools, dark cabinets and tile patterns can also be a focal point, along with well-chosen kitchen utensils and accessories.

Furnishing a kitchen with Scandinavian home accessories

The versatility of Scandinavian design makes it easy to choose the look that best suits your preferences and the decor of your home.

  • White or light neutral tones on the walls.
  • Light cabinet colors for a bright look.
  • Dark cabinets for a bold contrast.
  • Wood floors – you can use laminate or high quality vinyl with a wood texture.
  • Hanging lighting with a Scandinavian design.
  • Smart storage solutions for glasses and kitchen tools.
  • Creative accessories that are both beautiful and practical.
  • Wall art or wall decoration.
  • A minimalist wall clock.
  • A spacious wooden dining table with comfortable dining room chairs.






Scandinavian Bathroom Accessories

Like Scandinavian style bedrooms and kitchens, Scandinavian bathroom design emphasizes simplicity and function. White walls and/or white tiles appear next to wooden cabinets or light furniture with wooden accents. Plant pots, open shelving and minimalist wall fixtures are also often found in Scandinavian bathrooms.

Scandinavian design has influenced architects and interior designers for almost a century, long before the golden age of Scandinavian design in the 1950s. This style, which combines a minimalist aesthetic with functionality and comfort, is still one of the most popular today. Versatile and timeless, Scandinavian furniture and lighting offer an easy way to create an elegant and cozy living space.

Scandinavian interiors, the epitome of simplicity and comfort, embody the concept of hygge in all its glory. Soft surfaces, warm textiles, simple patterns, natural materials and open, airy spaces all contribute to the feeling of comfort. At the same time, Scandinavian living spaces simply look beautiful. Refined and cosy, Scandinavian design homes are also timeless and become the perfect setting for the good life and slow living. you can do more here .

Shop Scandinavian Home Accessories Nordic Living

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Shop your Scandinavian home accessories at Nordic Living

Now that you are fully aware of the origins of Scandinavian design and interior and know all its elements and characteristics, you naturally want to dress up your own with beautiful products. Nordic Living has built up its range in such a way that there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for home accessories or home decoration for your living room, bathroom accessories. Or perhaps something to brighten up the nursery or to make the bedroom a bit cozier. Below is a short list of a number of brands that you can buy at Nordic Living encounters:

Zone Denmark

Zone Denmark is a Danish company that produces functional, thoughtful and high-quality design objects, home accessories and kitchen utensils for everyday use.

The products of Zone Denmark are developed in collaboration with experienced and talented Danish designers. They therefore connect the Scandinavian design tradition with modern elements. The company wants to make the daily life of the user easier with their products. And also put a smile on the face. The logo of the Danish manufacturer is therefore somewhat reminiscent of a smiling face.

In our Nordic Living you will find a wonderful selection of Zone Denmark products for your living room, kitchen or bedroom!

Eva Solo

Eva solo is known as a Danish design brand that mainly produces everyday products. These products all meet the three most important spearheads of the brand: beauty, functionality and quality.

Bring a little sophistication to your kitchen with Eva Solo's sleek and beautiful kitchenware. Take a look at the organizer from the Nordic Kitchen series. Not only does it use beautiful matte black materials, but also the simplistic, minimalist design makes it a work of art.

Or take a look at the clever magnetic coasters, which are made of silicone and largely of elegance. And it's hard to say no to the beautiful glass storage jars or the Nordic Kitchen trays.

Ferm Living

Scandinavian design: Ferm Living. With Nordic colors and many graphic patterns, these home accessories always suit you!

These beautiful Scandinavian home accessories are inspired by Scandinavian design traditions and retro influences. From Copenhagen, the Ferm Living plaids, candlesticks, hanging lamps, kitchen stuff, the Plant Box, the wallpaper and many more beautiful interior series designed.

The popular interior products often have a strong graphic pattern with sturdy, retro colors ♥.

In our Nordic Living you will find a wonderful selection of Zone Denmark products for your living room, kitchen or bedroom!

Viva Scandinavia

VIVA Scandinavia is the Danish brand for modern tea accessories with Scandinavian design. The Scandinavian brand VIVA Scandinavia offers an extensive range of handmade tea accessories: from teapots to glasses, cups or tea strainers, there is something for every tea lover. Thanks to modern mechanisms in the teapots and glasses, such as innovative filters, double glass and a non-drip mechanism, the experience of drinking a cup of tea is taken to a higher level.

Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen is a Danish design brand founded by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen in 1999. Since their first product, the iconic Norm 69 lamp, Normann Copenhagen has strived to challenge the conventional rules of design. This is reflected in the use of traditional materials in unconventional ways and combinations.

Normann Copenhagen's fresh and innovative attitude stems from collaborations with established designers as well as the industry's new talents. Over the years, Normann Copenhagen's furniture, lighting, textiles and home accessories have won dozens of different design awards. Their flagship store in Copenhagen is also a flagship store of modern Danish design - located in an old cinema, the 1700 square meter showroom has often been considered the coolest store in Copenhagen.


The Danish company Novoform Design was founded in 2011 by Kristian Jakobsen and specializes in products in the tradition of Scandinavian design. The company uses natural materials and muted colors that are pleasing to the eye and feel good too.

Due to the high quality of the products and the quality of the workmanship, Novoform produces products that are durable if you handle the beautiful things carefully. The next generation will therefore also benefit.