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Vissevasse Scandinavian Posters

Vissevasse is a Danish label. Specialized in posters and stationery. The founders Dorthe Mathiesen and Karsten Noel Poulsen started making pastel-colored dreamy posters in 2013. A poster does a lot. Like decorating a room, but also telling a story, representing your identity or letting yourself dream away.

Vissevasse has a preference for iconic buildings, places and objects in her designs, but also finds inspiration in other things. From a song to a feeling. The style is Scandinavian and minimalist with a touch of pastels, poetry, nostalgia and illustrations with food for thought.

Cheerful illustrations and posters with a story ...

Vissevasse Posters Scandinavian citiesVissevasse is a Danish brand with posters of dreamy moments in pastel colors. Calm use of color ensures that these drawings fit into all spaces. They are not only beautiful for the nursery. Combine them with other posters and get a beautiful wall full of prints.

The meaning of 'Vissevasse'

What does 'vissevasse' actually mean? It's Danish for 'bows', which the dictionary defines as nonsense, potty talk or nonsense. They lean more on using the word as a verbal shoulder movement meant to say 'don't worry - it will all be fine'. Because it always does!