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Uhmm box hip lunch box that you can fold and use over and over again

The Uhmm box is a textbook example of Danish design: cool, hip and practical and sustainable. The lunch box is available in two sizes and in different colors.

This Danish design is a lunch box and storage box in one. Even a bowl and plate, because you can eat your food directly from the Uhmm box. Make it easy on yourself: don't have to clean up the entire kitchen drawer first, looking for the lid of a bread bin. Just bring your Uhmm box and you are done. You can put a napkin and / or cutlery under the strap.

Folding technique of the Uhmm box is based on Vietnamese food 

The Uhmm box actually arose from annoyance about the overcrowded kitchen cabinets full of storage boxes. Designer Anne Qvist's solution is as simple as it is brilliant: with the Uhmm box you can fold a storage box around your food. As has been happening with palm leaves in Vietnam for decades.

And with the Uhmm box you also prevent waste. For example, you no longer have to throw away leftover pasta; you take them to work for lunch. You can heat the pasta in the Uhmm box in the microwave. And you no longer need to bring plastic bags with sandwiches; it fits in the Uhmm box.

There are two sizes Uhmm boxes: 01 and 02. Number 01 is a flatter, wider model and is very suitable for pancakes, sushi, bread, etc. Number 02 is square and a bit higher. Here you can perfectly bring for example noodles, pasta, fruit etc.