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NORDSKINS® sheepskins are multi-functional; these can be used as a rug in your living room, great for on the couch or in a garden chair or just for decoration over a chair or by the fireplace! A sheepskin gives your living room warmth, atmosphere and cosiness!

Benefits of a NORDSKINS Sheepskin

  • 100% Organic and ECO
  •  Multifunctional, can be used outdoors as well as indoors
  • Unique and Original!
  • Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter
  • The most beautiful sheepskins from Texel and Scandinavia

Buy ECO & Organic Sheepskin

Sheepskins are a by-product of the meat industry. These are collected from private farmers throughout Europe to be tanned in a traditional, organic way. No chemicals or machines are involved here. So pure nature. And thus the sheepskin gets, as it were, a kind of 'second life'!