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Buy Scandinavian vases

Do you also love flowers? Then bring them into your home with a beautiful matching vase made of glass or ceramic. We have various Scandinavian design vases for you. In lovely pastel for a single flower to a vase for a colorful bouquet.

Whether you want to put a single flower on a mini vase, or an exuberant bouquet on a large vase: with us you will always find a Scandinavian vase to your taste. Made of glass or ceramic, transparent or with a beautiful color.

Flower vases from Scandinaviaform and Dottir

nordic living vases Anna oohxx livingFor example, take a look at the Scandinaviaform brand: beautiful porcelain vases with a cork and copper tube. In soft pastel pastels. Beautiful right? The glass ball vases are also a bestseller.

And another personal favorite are the vases by Dottir (formerly Finnsdottir). These handmade vases have beautiful botanical details, but also geometric shapes.

Whichever vase you choose, they are always beautiful to give yourself or someone else as a gift. Enjoy your beautiful flowers at home ♥.