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Do you suddenly come across them everywhere, those super trendy sheepskins? Here you can spot great furs that come from sheep worldwide. The Sheepskins are 100% real, natural and very expressive. And therefore perfect for your interior!

Genuine Sheepskin

The sheepskins at Nordic Living are eco-tanned. The furs are 100% natural products without chemical washing. Due to the eco washing, the sheepskins smell wonderfully "soapy". Something you might not even expect!

The sheepskins come from certified tanneries. This way we can guarantee that the sheep have had a good life. And also not slaughtered for the fur. So we give it, as it were, a 'second life', so that the circle is round again!

Buy sheepskin

Do you want to buy a sheepskin? A real sheepskin gives the interior extra warmth, cosiness and cosiness! Whether you use the sheepskins on the couch or as a carpet in the living room, in the nursery, next to the bed in the bedroom or outside on the terrace.

And whether you go for an Icelandic sheepskin, a Swedish one, a beautiful gray sheepskin or a classic white sheepskin. These wouldn't look out of place in any interior! In addition, you also buy a real sheepskin.