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Scandinavian flower pots

Ferm Living planter

Make the house nice and green with a flowering houseplant in a flower pot or plant stand. We have trendy Scandinavian flower pots ('Plant boxes') for you Ferm Living and OK Design. And of course the Vertiplants, to make a green wall. Fits perfectly in the botanical garden!

With us you will find hip flower pots and plant stands from Scandinavian design brands. From OK Design, for example, the Cibel plant stand made of powder-coated metal. Or the Plant Box from Ferm Living in beautiful full and trendy colors. And of course the Vertiplants, with which you can make a green wall.

With a flower pot you can easily make it nice and cozy at home. And you put your most beautiful houseplant in a residential object in itself. Because the plant stands are so beautiful.