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Zone Denmark Singles Knife Sharpener Warm Grey


Zone Denmark A-Magnetic board/notice board 60×30 Soft gray


zone denmark A-Chair light grey


zone denmark A-Chair black 38 x 38 x 65


zone denmark boston cocktail shaker rocks


zone denmark towel/tea towel hook/ring brushed steel 4 cm


zone denmark towel/tea towel hook/ring brushed steel 7,6 cm


zone denmark pedal bucket Karma 3 liter black


zone denmark puck double clothes hook


zone denmark toothbrush holder nova one grey


Zone Singles Hand spray Go clean Dia warm gray


Zone Singles Hand spray Go clean Dia Black


Zone Denmark toothbrush holder Nova black


Zone Denmark soap dispenser solo black


Zone Denmark Dishwasher set Nova black 2


Zone Denmark Toothbrush holder Solo black


Zone Denmark Toothbrush holder Solo white


Zone Denmark soap dispenser solo white


Zone Denmark bowl Peili nude 16 cm diameter


Zone Denmark Soap dispenser Nova Rose


Zone Denmark Toilet brush Nova One Gray


Zone Denmark coaster Hexagon light gray


Zone Denmark Ice cube maker black


Zone Denmark Toilet brush Solo black


Zone Denmark Toilet roll holder black


Zone Denmark storage table A-table black metal


Zone Denmark black toilet brush Ume


Zone Denmark Tiles Bath mat black 50x 80 cm


Zone Denmark coaster Hexagon black


Zone Denmark A-stool stool in light grey


Zone Denmark

Zone Denmark is a Danish company that produces functional, thoughtful and high-quality design objects, home accessories and kitchen utensils for everyday use.

The products of Zone Denmark are developed in collaboration with experienced and talented Danish designers. They therefore connect the Scandinavian design tradition with modern elements. The company wants to make the daily life of the user easier with their products. And also put a smile on the face. The logo of the Danish manufacturer is therefore somewhat reminiscent of a smiling face.

In our Nordic Living you will find a wonderful selection of Zone Denmark products for your living room, kitchen or bedroom!

Zone Denmark New series

Zone Denmark's Nova series was designed by Thomas Dudzinski and includes various accessories for the bathroom. The Danish designer was inspired by the Scandinavian style. The harmonious curves of the products give the Nova series an elegant touch. Some products feature refined details in stainless steel and are designed so timelessly and elegantly that they fit into any bathroom.

The collection includes soap dispensers, toothbrush cups, soap dishes, toilet brushes and pedal bins made of porcelain with a soft-touch finish in various colors.

Mirror Serie en A-Serie

The Peili series consists of bowls, plates, spice mills and other practical kitchen utensils and accessories, which are also convincing in terms of function and modern design. All parts of the Peili series are extremely durable and robust.

A-series van Zone Denmark includes a wide range of small furniture, accessories and useful items for every atmosphere. The products are all made of powder-coated steel and are characterized by their straight-lined design. The products of the A-series are available in different colours, which can also be wonderfully combined with each other.

Shop one Zone Denmark Soap dispenser, Pedal bin, Coasters or Toilet roll holder

The Soft soap dispenser from Zone Denmark is part of the Soft series. With selected bathroom accessories in a modern design. The container is made of curvilinear porcelain. This is then provided with a silk matt soft-touch surface. This gives the soap dispenser a pleasant feel and sets elegant accents in every bathroom.

In addition, made of porcelain with a soft touch surface. The pump head made of chrome-plated plastic thus provides an optical contrast. Which, despite the cool material properties, harmonizes beautifully with the soft porcelain. In addition, the annoying dripping of soap residues is no longer an issue due to the high-quality processing.

In combination with other accessories from the Soft series, a stylish ensemble can be put together that gives every bathroom both a visual and atmospheric appearance.