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Lina Johansson Design Poster Normality 50x70cm


Lina Johansson Design poster birds on stage


Lina Johansson Design graphic posters

The posters of Lina Johansson Design from Sweden stand out because of the strong use of color. Often black and white with lines, like the blackbirds on a line. Or separate colors, such as the deadline poster.

Typically Scandinavian geometric shapes and graphic patterns. Of course we like that . Lina Johansson Design therefore fits perfectly in our collections. We even discovered Lina Johansson and are the first Dutch shop where you can order the beautiful collection!

Posters with graphic lines and a strong use of color

Lina Johansson has been working from her studio in Stockholm since 2012.The posters of Lina Johansson are printed on a sturdy 250 grams silk matt paper (the larger posters on 240 grams matt certified paper. Although she also makes posters with pastel colors, such as the bird, most are posters in black / white and a solid color, such as the 'Kungs', the high-contrast posters with blackbirds.