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Klinta two scented candles and fragrance sticks in gift box


Klinta Scented candles

A lovely scent in your home, relaxing in the bathroom, taking care of your skin. It is all possible with the pure nature scented and massage candles from Klinta from Sweden. Not tested on animals, free from chemical additives. That is responsible enjoyment for hours.

The organic scented candles from Klinta give a wonderfully mild scent in your home. For example, choose from the scent of laundry outside on the line, coffee and cardamom, mint in your garden or the literally unique scent 'Unik', which is experienced completely differently by everyone.

Massage candles and skin care Klinta

You can also use the scented candles as massage candles. Or as a fine nourishing skin cream, because the oil in the candles is very mild, spreads nicely and absorbs well. Light the candle, wait a few minutes, dip the oil from the candle (or pour it into your hand) and massage it into your skin. Does this seem strange to you? We know from experience that the candle oil really does not get too hot, a nice massage temperature .

Pure natural scented candles from Klinta candles

Klinta's scented candles do not contain parabens, dyes, paraffin, sulfates or preservatives and are not tested on animals. The candles consist of 96% oil (rapeseed oil and palm oil). Because no paraffin is used, you do not have that typical smoke that you sometimes encounter with garden torches and non-natural candles. Moreover, it does not pollute your ceiling, walls and especially the air in your skin!

The glass of the scented candle consists of 50% recycled glass. You can also use the glass yourself again. For example, as a plant pot or a glass (you can easily remove the label). The packaging consists of 100% recycled cardboard. Order one of the delicious scents and enjoy!

Do you want to give Klinta to someone? We have several nice gift boxes for you that you can give all year round. And for Christmas there is a special edition in a nice round box with three candles!