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Ferm Living Ripple Glasses set of 4


Ferm Living Ripple Decanter (Smoked Grey)


Ferm Living black wall box oblong


Ferm Living black wall box square


Ferm Living set of 16 dinner candles Uno light gray


Ferm Living plaid Vista off white


Ferm Living towel ring in black metal with wood


Ferm Living Ripple Carafe


Ferm Living candlestick Candelabra dark aubergine


Ferm Living candlestick Candelabra black


Ferm Living bathroom wall shelf black


Ferm Living tea towel Copenhagen


Ferm Living shell pot, pottery residential object / vase


Ferm Living candlestick Candelabra macaroon


Ferm Living plans box cashmere


Ferm Living set of 16 dinner candles Uno beige


Ferm Living set of 16 dinner candles Uno red-brown


Ferm Living Danish design interior

Scandinavian design: Ferm Living. With Nordic colors and many graphic patterns, these home accessories always suit you!

These beautiful Scandinavian home accessories are inspired by Scandinavian design traditions and retro influences. From Copenhagen, the Ferm Living plaids, candlesticks, hanging lamps, kitchen stuff, the Plant Box, the wallpaper and many more beautiful interior series designed.

The popular interior products often have a strong graphic pattern with sturdy, retro colors .

Ferm Living Plant Box (Plant Box)

The Plant Box is a side table, room divider and planter in one. Thanks to its simple design, the powder-coated steel all-rounder can be used in various interior applications.

Ferm Living planterThe iconic Ferm Living Planter is available in many different sizes, shapes and colors. Thus, the small planter fits perfectly in small spaces or on windowsills and presents plants in a nicely arranged form. The large planter is slightly lower and deeper than the classic Plant Box. It is compact and therefore fits perfectly into any ambience.

Ferm Living Carpet

Ferm-Living-blanket-Vista-blanket-nordicliving-2The Danish company also specializes in the development and production of furniture with a graphic appearance. In addition to furniture, the range also includes textiles and kitchen and bathroom items. These are characterized by Scandinavian purism, clean lines and impressive functionality. Thus it is Ferm Living carpet has been a true classic for several years now.

It shows an abstract view of our planet from above. The artful pattern in off-white and earth colors is made with carpet weaving technique. This technique shows a beautiful front in a contemporary combination of subtle colors and a back with a melange of all colors from the front. Loose fringes complete the design on all four sides.

By Ripple Series

The Ripple tableware series consists of a carafe and a set of 4 drinking glasses, which have a structured surface. The vertical ripples give the tableware a strong, high-quality appearance, while the different geometric shapes provide dynamism and energy between the glasses and the carafe.

All glasses in the series are made of mouth-blown glass and are dishwasher safe.