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About Nordic Living

The story of Nordic Living is perhaps not everyday, because it has a (fun!) history. A 13-year transformation to what it is today: Nordic Living!

It all started in 2007, when Annelies Ribbink set up the website ScandinaviaXS together with a stylist and interior photographer. This is based on a preference for Scandinavia, Danish Design and home accessories from the North of Europe. In the first instance, beautiful reports would be put on the website, a kind of online magazine about the interior, the countries, the food, travel and so on.

However, the ideas were numerous and the website ScandinaviaXS was quickly renamed a real shop, now mainly focused on children's clothing. But of course with a Scandinavian touch!


A few years later Annelies met a blogger from Nordik-Living and the forces were joined and the webshop renamed Nordikliving and then Nordiklivingstore, where not only children's clothing was sold, but was much broader in the field of Scandinavian Home Accessories, Design & Living.

The name was converted to the current name in 2017: Nordic Living. Striking, international and hip! Just like our beautiful products ..

A few years later, some transformations further and with a new owner Nordic Living still a very well-known name in the online world of Scandinavian home accessories.

And despite some changes, some things have remained the same. Most important: The passion for Scandinavian Design!

But also the search for the most beautiful brands and products, not to mention the aim to offer the very best service to our loyal (and new!) Customers: Fast delivery, excellent product quality, fast answer to your questions, easy exchange / return and everything with a smile!

Nordic Living has now built up a wide range so that you can find the most beautiful home products for your living room, bedroom, bathroom, children's room and kitchen. From plaids to toilet accessories and from posters to vases. We have selected the most beautiful products from well-known brands such as Ferm Living, Lind DNA & Viva Scandinavia and also from small, lesser known brands such as A Grape Design. Whatever you are looking for ...Nordic Living!

Passion for Scandinavia!

Team Nordic Living