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Innovative lighting and more Danish accessories from Normann Copenhagen

Yes! Nordic Living has added the following brand to its portfolio. A brand that has been at the top of our list for a while: Normann Copenhagen!

Normann Copenhagen is a Danish design brand founded by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen in 1999. Since their first product, the iconic Norm 69 lamp, Normann Copenhagen has strived to challenge the conventional rules of design. This is reflected in the use of traditional materials in unconventional ways and combinations.

For example, take a look at the beautiful, innovative AMP pendant lights or the versatile one Pocket Organizer for the wall!

Order the Normann Copenhagen items now www.nordic Read more about the products of this beautiful Danish brand below.

Normann Copenhagen: Unconventional and Innovative

Normann Copenhagen Lighting

Lighting: The Danish designer Simon Legald has designed a sophisticated series of lamps called Amp. The lamps are characterized by their high-quality materials of glass and marble. These add a visual fragility and sensual heaviness to the design.

Shorebirds by Normann Copenhagen

De shorebirds: Perhaps the most popular products from Normann Copenhagen are the shorebirds. Designed by Icelandic designer Sigurjón Pálsson. The shorebirds are a series of distinctive wooden birds made. The simple, unadorned silhouette is based on shorebirds in the shallows. Minimalist and with care for small details such as variations in body thickness, neck length and the positioning of the legs and beak. This gives all three birds their own unique personality and makes the design come to life.

Scandinavian design candle holder

We also have a beautiful candle holder. Heima is a four-armed cast iron candlestick with a minimalist, Scandinavian design. This beautiful candlestick with a recognizable design is a tribute to craftsmanship and Scandinavian traditions. The rough, almost cold surface gives the candlestick a Heima character, while the rounded shapes together form a modern design.

Normann Copenhagen Rocking glass 25cl (set of 4)


Normann Copenhagen Obi small cup beige


Normann Copenhagen Obi small cup light blue


Normann Copenhagen Obi small cup of sand


Now available at Nordic Living: Norman Copenhagen. Make your living room a beautiful Danish Design with the beautiful artieklen from Normann Copenhagen. Will these have a place in your Scandinavian interior?

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