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Beautiful woolen blankets and aprons made of pure natural materials


both the living plaids as the aprons of Lapuan Kankurit are made in their own weaving mill in Lapua, Finland. The fourth generation of the family is now running the company! Lapuan Kankurit works with natural materials such as pure wool, natural linen, organic cotton and tencel fibers (from eucalyptus trees). Always according to quality marks such as Masters of Linen, FSC and Ökotex.

Beautiful on your couch or over your favorite chair. Snuggle under it and relax. Or put the blanket over your duvet if it is very cold at night. Cold nose, but warm feet!

And what about 'sitting cool on your terrace in the summer while it is a warm day'?

Wool breathes and has a high absorption capacity. Moisture is quickly absorbed and evaporates again. So your skin stays dry and cool (that's why babies are often also used a woolen blanket in the summer, so the little ones don't sweat in their bed and they don't get too hot).

Read the benefits of a wool blanket below, you will be surprised.

Advantages of a wool blanket

  • It is of course known that a wool blanket keeps you nice and warm. Put a blanket over your comfy chair or on your couch on a cool day. It doesn't feel heavy and gives extra warmth on a cold night (tip: even when it's freezing, I always sleep with an open window. I just put a Lapuan blanket over my duvet. This is really lovely).
  • But you may not have known that pure wool keeps you cool in the summer. Wool ventilates and absorbs moisture, so your skin stays dry and cool in the summer. So on a hot day, grab a wool blanket and wrap it around you. In the evening on your terrace, for example. You know fleece blankets from outdoor cafes, but wool works much better because it does not sweat.
  • Wool blankets are also very easy to maintain. Let them air out now and then, that's enough. Wool has a self-cleaning effect, is bacteria-resistant and dirt-resistant. If the blanket has become very dirty, you can wash it on a hand wash at a maximum of 30 ° C.

60% natural linen and 40% organic cotton are used for this practical apron. The aprons are suitable for men and women.

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